Professional Communication

Want to be a journalist?  A professional blogger?  A human that interacts with other humans?

This class will give you insight on the following…

  • Networking – the importance of collaborating with others, working in teams
  • Written communication – blogging, letters, memos, emails
  • Verbal communication – want to be a public figure, company leader or entrepreneur?  Good speaking skills are vital for success!
  • Employment communication – interviews, resumes, digital and other resources to be competitive in today’s [business] world
  • Digital communication – using Social Media & other resources to communicate to a diverse audience or customer base // students will help maintain our business Twitter & Instagram accounts

Our big project is a BLOG.  When blogging…

  • Make sure your pages have good CONTENT!  You can create content and/or link to other posts, pages or even other websites.
  • You should add images for interest.
  • Any information you got from other places should be cited and/or linked.


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Tgellenbeck1 says:

    Still waiting for my students to post their introductions… this was part of your Calamity Day #7 and Thurs 2/6 assignment…. introduce yourselves here!

    1. Abbie says:

      My names Abbie, I’ve honestly never gotten into blogging myself but i enjoy looking at blogs.

  2. Matt says:

    I think blogging is a good hobby to get into and good for communication. I’m interested in blogging and want to know more about it.

  3. Alexis says:

    I’m Alexis, and I have never blogged. I have a vlog, but it seems to be very different than blogging. I am interested to see if i enjoy blogging as much as i do vlogging.

  4. travismcb says:

    I’m Travis. I like talking about stuff but never really thought about blogging before.

  5. Tgellenbeck1 says:

    If you haven’t posted yet, you now have a missing score in PowerSchool! Please post your introduction!!

  6. camrellim21 says:

    my name is tyler. blogging is neat.

  7. i’m Palmer i like sports and hanging out with friends and going to see movies

  8. spaz327 says:

    Im Stephen, i ahve never blogged before, but i do like the internet. hopefully i end up liking this

  9. cmccague13 says:

    Cody here and I think blogging is a good way to communicate and inform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Aloha! I’m Azelin, and I just started a blog about creative writing. I have never blogged before, but am excited to try. I love to write and read.

  11. lexmack says:

    I’m Lexi i am creating my first blog. i think blogging is important because it gives you a way to express thoughts or ideas for anyone to view if they choose too.

  12. g2504 says:

    I am Grant I like to play video games and i think blogging is neat.

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