Guest Speaker – Mettler Toledo

Patrick Connor & Deb David from Mettler Toledo visited us today to discuss on-the-job Accounting.  Deb has a background in Computer Information Systems and Accounting, while Patrick has specialized mostly in Accounting & Finance.  Pat’s educational and career backgrounds include…   logo

  • a business degree with an accounting specialty from Otterbein
  • a Masters in Finance & Accounting from Ohio State
  • 5 years at Deloitte
  • currently working for Mettler Toledo as a Financial Analyst

He opened by asking the students what they thought of ‘Accountants…’

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.01.43 PM

Some students were more honest than others.  🙂 Topics discussed included;

  • The Accounting Cycle
  • Financial statements
  • Hot topics and buzzwords in the industry
  • Careers in accounting including CPA, demand, income, training & education
  • CPA specifics including the 150 hour rule and the CPA exam

He also touched a bit upon Personal Finance, debt (student loans, credit cards) and left us with some amortization schedules he created in Excel.  We are excited to look more into some of the resources he shared with us including and some apps such as Mint Personal Finance.

We value the time and wisdom of industry experts and are thankful that Deb & Pat spent some time with our students today!

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