Junior Marketing


Students can take the Marketing Applications course as a junior. This course is ONE in-class period, but counts for 1.5 credits due to the additional time, field trips and projects outside of class. Students will learn about marketing content, as well as participate in a lot of project-based learning including assisting with the creation of custom apparel through our student-run Orange Apparel Company.

*School Store – Fort Orange is our student-run, school-based enterprise operated by the students in the OOHS Marketing program. Moving into the 2022-23 school year, marketing students will also create custom apparel through Orange Apparel Co, which will be sold in the school store and on our online store.

*DECA- our co-curricular association for students enrolled in Marketing. DECA offers many opportunities to learn about business and compete in business competitions. Students may compete at the district, state and national levels. Visit our OOHS DECA page or the DECA websites www.deca.org for more information about DECA.

Course descriptions per the OLSD course handbook…


Co requisite: Concurrent enrollment in Marketing Principles

Students will develop and implement marketing strategies and techniques across marketing functions: channel management, marketing research, market planning, pricing, product/service management and branding. They will use marketing operations procedures and activities to ensure marketing’s efficiency and effectiveness. Students will generate, screen, and develop new product ideas. They will predict economic trends and conditions and determine how cultural intelligence can impact organizations. Technology, employability skills, leadership and communications will be incorporated in classroom activities.

*MARKETING PRINCIPLES (Credit Flex Only, 1/2 credit)

Co requisite: Concurrent enrollment in Marketing Applications

This is the first course in the Marketing career field. It introduces students to the specializations offered in Marketing. Students will obtain fundamental knowledge and skills in marketing communications, marketing management, marketing research, merchandising and professional selling. They will acquire knowledge of marketing strategies, market identification techniques, employability skills, business ethics and law, economic principles and international business. Technology, leadership and communications will be incorporated in classroom activities.