The Story That They Share With us All – Vietnam Veterans Assembly

[Guest Post By Matt C]

This is a day that people look forward to during the year, to get away from the books and the notes so they can have first-hand knowledge of what actually happened from the people that truly lived it during their lives.

They are people that had their fair share of the war, whether it be fighting the Vietnamese, or someone that was a medic, or even to the person that was a helicopter gunner. They each have their own story to tell.

Each year they come to the school and tell us what each part of their lives was about during this time, if they liked it, hated it, or how they faced the public opinion of what was going on with their lives after the war. It is hard to see what they have had to go through, but you will not see or hear anything better than what they have to say.

They tell their stories of what they did and what they had to face, but they also tell everyone what things were like back then. They show us what the cost of things were then and what you had to do for entertainment, whether it be the drive in, or going to see a movie, there was always an option of something to do that does not involve a phone or a TV.

It is always a humbling experience to see them come in and tell us their stories that they lived, the items that they have collected through the years to show for what they have done, or just to inform the students of what things were like and how they have changed.

But we will never know what it was truly like to see what they saw and to feel what they felt in the spur of the moment. To have your buddy look at you and know that they will not make it to their family is a gut wrenching feeling. But all they can do is tell the story.

It is important to remember the things that these people have done for us, inside the service and the outside. Thank them for what they have done, because without them, we do not know where we would be today.

“Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.”

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