American Heart Association – OOHS Business Students Give Back

Guest post: Esha T & Daria J

This school year, the Professional Communication Strategies (PCS) was in charge of raising awareness for the American Heart Association by fundraising donations for the association. Before we tell you how we “reded out”, here’s what the American Heart Association actually is…

The American Heart Association is a nonprofit charity company helping to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases. Their main goal is to help fight cardiovascular diseases. How do they get the money? Donations! The way we can help is by donating money! 

For fundraising, PCS helped sell t-shirts throughout the month of October.  Our football team was playing Big Walnut (go pioneers!) and students were encouraged to wear their shirt to school and the game to RED OUT & bring awareness to the AHA and its cause. 

Overall the event was successful and we raised over $800.  And got some great ‘gear’ in the process. 🙂  Check out our supporters below and stay tuned to help us again next year!

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