Choosing Your Dream Career

Guest post by student, N.T. // Personal Finance class, Fall 2016

Choosing your career can be one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. It can contribute to your lifestyle and working hours/conditions. When it comes to choosing your career, be careful not to choose one JUST because of a high salary. Your main reason should include personal interest. This is one of the biggest key aspects because if you go to your job everyday and come back hating it, you will be wasting your life. Having an enjoyable job ensures that you are a happy person and you look forward to being successful in that field. It also ensures that you do your best at that job, day in and day out.

Money should never come first because there are many other factors that are important, such as…

  1. How comfortable you feel in the job
  2. How it fits your personality
  3. How it values your family (and work/life balance)
  4. How it brings satisfaction
  5. How much balance it brings to your life

So overall, choosing your dream job should rely on these aspects and most of the time, money will always follow.



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