DECA Districts 2023

Contributions by OOHS DECA class of 2022-23

In late January, our junior and senior marketing classes participated in the DECA District 7 competition. We had a total of 22 participants, and with several new members & a new advisor, it was interesting to see how our individuals would place.

Students compete mostly in role-play type events at the district level, while most written events go directly to state competition. They can choose to compete individually or in teams and get prep time (with no electronics) and then present in front of a judge. Students also take a cluster exam at their home school typically the week before the district competition.

“Personally, my favorite part of Districts was the roleplay” stated senior Laura F. “My event was Business Services Marketing (BSM), and the scenario was very unique. I was a membership specialist for the Grove City for Commerce, and I had to create a marketing plan to attract new local businesses to buy a membership from us so my company would sponsor them. My judge was the CEO of the Grove City of Commerce, so being presentable and explaining my marketing plan effectively was essential so that he could “follow through” with my plan. Of course I was nervous, partly because my judge was pretty emotionless so it was hard to decipher whether I was hitting the right points in my presentation. Having the performance indicators beforehand was helpful because all I had to do was incorporate those into the roleplay I was given. When I finished my role play, I spent the rest of the time before awards with my friends, and we went to P.F Changs (best food ever).”

Another student noted, “The atmosphere was great. I loved being able to talk to people from other schools. It was amazing to be able to cheer people on before their event and be able to root for our school loud and proud at the award ceremonies. I feel like everyone interacted with people they don’t usually talk to in class. Especially while making TikToks and walking around Easton!”

Here are some other “favorites” from the day…

  • Meeting new people & hanging out with friends 
  • Seeing what DECA & competitions are like
  • Hanging out at Easton

At the award ceremony, we had 12 students place top 3 in their series or team event, including 7 first place finishers! Classmates cheered for each other and it was quite the adrenaline rush for some, including our advisor Mrs G!

“Overall, the District 7 competition was a memorable experience, not only because of how I competed, but because of the people I got to spend time with” said Laura F, OOHS chapter VP.

Onto the state competition!

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