Top Ten Careers

We were blessed by a visit from Sarah Conkling, Community Relations Specialist from ITT Technical Institute.  She educated our young minds on careers and training advice.  Here is an overview of what we learned…

  • The higher level of education you earn, the higher income earning potential you have
  • The higher level of education you earn, the less likely your chances of being unemployed
  • You need to find a career that has OPPORTUNITY…


TOP TEN CAREERS for 2008-2018 include…

1.  Teachers 

  • Demand varies based on subject area and geographical location
  • Required Bachelor’s degree and licensure (in public schools)

2.  Registered Nurses 

  • Healthcare specialist that works with patients but also technology
  • Recommended Bachelor’s or Associates degree

3.  Accountants and Auditors 

  • Analyze, manage and report financial information for a business
  • Recommended Bachelor’s degree

4.  Computer Software Engineers

  • Design websites, computer software, applications (“there’s an Ap for that!”) and more
  • Computer science, math and creativity, all wrapped in one
  • Recommended bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience

5.  Business Operations Specialists

  • Variety of business fields including consultants, managers, marketing, finance, human resources
  • Recommended bachelor’s degree and work experience

6.  Computer Support Specialists

  • Help with tech support, solve problems, fix equipment, etc
  • Recommended associates degree or higher

7.  Computer System Analysts 

  • Work with the actual computers themselves, hardware and software
  • Recommended bachelor’s degree

8.  Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts

  • Making sure networks of computers are operating in a proper way

9.  Construction Managers

  • Oversee projects
  • Recommend bachelor’s degree and/or workplace experience, internships are valuable

10.  Marketing Research Analyst

  • Collect and analyze data for the marketplace
  • Recommended bachelor’s degree


Disclaimer:  Information comes from BLS, Bureau of Labor Statistics and projected through 2018 

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