Ethics and Social Responsibility in Corporate America [Guest bloggers]

What some students discovered while researching ETHICS IN CORPORATE AMERICA…

Student #1:   logo-lululemon

Lululemon athletica is focused on selling athletic gear for activities such as running and yoga. They sell other accessories that can help you stay cool and make working out easier and fun. In terms of social responsibility, they are committed to connecting with the people around the community and getting them involved with yoga classes and other social activities to gain relationships. Ethically, the company expects their employees to make the right decisions on their own time; not only on social media, but in public too. They are representing their reputation and the companies reputation.

Student #2:   images

Google went from nothing but two guys in a garage, to something great with over 70 locations in 40 different countries, and now they are giving back. Google is being socially and ethically responsibly by showing they care about others. Google is very good to their employees and keeps them happy and healthy, pays for all of their employees travel expenses, even their personal vacations. Google has a great variety of food including locally grown produce and fruits and veggies that come right from the garden which is on the campus. Google has doctors and gyms available to employees for free. Google provides an energetic and healthy workplace for employees.

Not only is Google good to their employees, but also to the world around them. Google gives back by donating to charities so they can raise money and awareness of their cause. Google also supports many climate change, education, poverty, and earthquake relief programs all over the world. Google has given over 100 million dollars to various organizations. Not only do they donate on their own, but Google will match employee donations to nonprofit organizations. Google has done many things for the world around them and plans to do much more in the future.

Overall, students learned that although obtaining a profit is an important goal for a business, social responsibility is important too. 



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