Should start up companies concern themselves with Social Responsibility? [Guest Blogger]

Guest post by student:  M Fofana

In my opinion start up and small business companies should be socially responsible. They should get out and go into small communities in order for them to spread the name of their businesses around. Since the business is just getting started, you can get people to like your business by giving back to the community. For example, if you’re in the restaurant business have one night where everything is 35% off, in order to get people to come and visit your business and hopefully make loyal customers.

As far as trying to involve the community, you can make your business family friendly depending on your location. If the area where your business is situated has a lot of kids, for example, have days where you can have toys or prize giveaways for children, which will cause the kids to ask their parents that they want to come back.

As a startup entrepreneur, you should always publicize how your business benefits the world.  For example you can donate 5% of every beverage purchased on a Sunday to some type of organization.  Make sure you promote it, which can not only benefit a great cause, but could also draw more attention to your business.

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