What is entrepreneurship? Part 2 {Guest Blogger}

Guest post by student:  S Schroeder   

A successful entrepreneur is someone who is confident, diligent, and creative. They need good business skills in the social, negotiating, marketing, and financial areas. They often start to try to improve their lives and make money at an early age.

Entrepreneurs face many risk such as their personal lives being affected in a negative way. They may lose friends because they are too busy working to maintain a relationship. The media may be watching and invading an entrepreneur’s personal life. If the business fails, an entrepreneur could lose everything they have.

Being an entrepreneur can be very rewarding after a few years of hard work. Entrepreneurs are willing to work harder than anyone else they know to get what they want. They are ruthless enough to keep going no matter what. If an entrepreneur is a trendsetter and knows what people want your business could become a household name. Knowing the right people to help you get started is always an advantage. Entrepreneurs are hard working, if someone really wants to be an entrepreneur, they will work for it.




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