What is entrepreneurship? [Guest blogger]

Guest post by student:  K Mohr

Entrepreneurship by definition is the process of starting a business or organization.  In class we studied different entrepreneurs and some traits that make them successful include: drive, financial skills, awareness of trends and being creative.  To be a successful entrepreneur means being determined, optimistic and financially smart.  Most of the guest speakers who were entrepreneurs were hard working and creative.

Some risks entrepreneurs take are the use of their limited resources such as time and money. They also risk social criticism and lawsuits.  Starting a new business is always a risk because 50% or more of new businesses fail. All of the guest speakers we have heard from had started their own businesses that have failed or had been apart of a business that had failed.

Being a successful entrepreneur means learning from your mistakes or other’s mistakes so you and your business can grow, which made the entrepreneurs successful.




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