Guest Speaker – Pitabilities


Jim Pashovich is a guest speaker that we’ve had in our classroom to talk about his life as an entrepreneur. We will focus on the points that led him to success!

The Idea…

It came from him having a passion for food and wanting to go out to the customers, rather than them coming to him. Another thing that drove him to start his company was the startup costs were more affordable than a restaurant which saved money for other things like materials, or advertising.

Skills & Challenges \\ Some training or skills that Jim thinks would be helpful are…

  • Team Work
  • Fun
  • Hard Working
  • Vision for Future
  • Good Mission Statement

Challenges that could be faced…

  • Long Hours
  • Hard Work
  • Failure
  • Balancing Work & Personal

Business Plan/Business Model…

  • Convenient
  • Exceptional product at great price
  • Hire the right team
  • Uses Social Media
  • $50,000 to start

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