DECA Hall of Fame Breakfast

DECA Breakfast | February 2015 | Bridgewater Banquet Center

Guest post by Matt C

This is the day that many people look forward to, whether it is for the food or if it is for the people that you will meet, it always brings a smile to everyone’s face. This year was the 19th annual DECA Hall of Fame Breakfast where we nominate the best owners and entrepreneurs from Columbus into the Olentangy DECA Hall of Fame (HOF). For the tradition of the breakfast, each of the Olentangy School District high schools pick one nominee to be inducted into the HOF. They have to show exceptional business skills and personality traits that High School DECA members will strive towards to better their future. DECA Breakfast -34  (LEFT) Harvey Alston: Best, Inc. (MIDDLE) Jane Grote Abell: Donatos Pizza  (RIGHT) Daniel McClurg: Elm & Iron One moment that captured everyone’s attention was the “Be your BEST” speech by Harvey Alston. With his speech, he tells everyone to be your best because you can accomplish so much more. Luckily I had the chance to help demonstrate part of Alston’s speech. With this, he had a roll of money and it starts out where you do not have much in your hand. DECA Breakfast -15 You start out slow. Maybe you move out of your parents’ house and don’t have that good of a job. But you look towards the future and maybe get a raise. You get a little bit more money. Get a better education, get more money. This can only happen when you try your BEST! (Not actual speech, paraphrased) All of this really touched the people that were here at the conference to see what they were capable of. To show us that we can achieve a high level of success, with only your BEST!

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