Fetch a Friend

[Guest post by Matt C]

Dogs, Cats, and anything furry. All can be loving animals when put in the right homes.

Our business students voted to help with a great upcoming cause; Fetch A Friend.  Last semester students helped with the American Heart Association and Toys for Tots, so Fetch A Friend will be a new ‘furry’ twist here at OOHS!

Fetch a Friend is an adoption event being held on May 9, 2015 at the Ohio Expo Center’s Lausche Building. The event is not just for dogs or for cats, but anything furry. It brings the chance for you to get the best friend or pal that you have been missing. Also at the same time, when you get to fill you heart with the love, you get to save the furry friend that you choose to adopt.

You can get involved!  You can positively impact your community and help this cause by…

  • Promoting the event via social media and word-of-mouth
  • Helping us plan and execute a fundraiser
  • Volunteering at the event (must be 18) and help people find a loving pet
  • Educating people and potential owners about some of the shelters in the area
  • Helping furry friends find their forever home!


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