Local Business Owner Corey Dayhuff

Guest post by Applied Economics student, JD D

Corey Dayhuff is a local successful entrepreneur who owns the company Dayhuff Group.  This company aids other businesses in handling and processing data and information.  Dayhuff Group was started in 1997 by Corey Dayhuff and his brother Rodney Dayhuff and currently has his own office in Worthington Ohio.  Corey made a risk on starting his own business and so far it has paid off because his business is running smoothly and making good profits.

Here were some questions we got answers to…

Q: In your words what does your business do?

“Assist other companies in handling data and other information through computer programming.”

Q: Why did you start Dayhuff Group?

“I’ve always wanted to be my own business owner since I was a little kid.  You know be my own boss and be able to build a company up from the ground and lead it to success.”

Q: Where do you see your business in 10 years?  What are your goals heading into the future?

“I see our company continuing to grow and hopefully continuing to grab larger clients such as Burger King whom we worked with a few years ago.”

Q: What caused you to get into your line of business?

“I saw an opening in the market for this type of company and knew I was more likely to be successful if I started a company in this line of work because of the smaller amount of competition.”

Q: What skills do you need to do your job?

“The main thing is probably communication skills.  A lot of kids today are scared to talk to people nowadays and these kids need to be taught good communication skills with other adults.”

Q: What challenges and obstacles did you face when you started this business?

“Obviously like all other businesses we needed start up money.  Also when we first started we didn’t have our own office we had to work out of an IBM building in Worthington.”

Here is a link to the Dayhuff Group website www.dayhuffgroup.com

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