American Heart Association Recap

Olentangy Orange High School has helped raise money and awareness for the Amercian Heart Association for the last five years.  One of the biggest ways that Orange has raised money for the AHA is by selling t-shirts.  The theme for the football game on October 28th was a red-out so the business classes decided to sell red t-shirts to help raise money for AHA.  The operation was considered a success since the school was able to raise $1,193.49 for AHA.


The American Heart Association or AHA is an organization devoted to raising money to improve research and treatment for those with heart complications.  AHA was originally started in 1924 by a group of cardiologist and has grown, and continues to grow, today where the association now has over 22.5 million volunteers and workers.  AHA has helped many people raise money and treat heart disease, but also they have educated millions on how to live a lifestyle that would prevent these complications as well as training 13 million people a year on CPR.




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