What can businesses in America do to promote Social Responsibility?

Guest post by Business Foundations student, Carrian O

How are businesses so successful?  Many companies are held to social responsibilities beyond “profit” to help their business & workforce grow.  All companies should consider being socially responsible in the categories of…

Environmental Protection– Show customers and employees your businesses views on the environment and help better our community.

Workplace Diversity– Be respectful and allow everyone an equal opportunity in your workforce. This is a major necessity to contribute to a great business.

Safety– Be sure to make all work areas and businesses the safest it can be and give all workers instructions to challenging or dangerous tasks, with safety equipment if needed.

Employee Wellness – Hire people that love their job and provide these people with a satisfying workplace.

A great example of a business with many of these categories is Google. I think a great way to help other businesses is to show them what companies like Google have done and show how that has impacted their profits and company rating.  It will give businesses a good “model company” and push them to do more for their workers & customers.


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