Social Responsibility in 2017/18

We’ve talked a lot about social responsibility in class and on this blog, but we wanted to give a 2018 update!  Businesses small and large often care about more than just “profit” and although Kevin O’Leary may beg to differ – watch the Ten Tree Apparel episode on Dragon’s Den – the “People, Planet, Profit” model can be a very successful one.

To tie in some great examples right here in Columbus, check out the recent edition of Columbus CEO’s GIVING, A guide to philanthropy 2018. They highlight many local executives as well as businesses, some non-profit and some “for-profit, for a cause” including The James, Hot Chicken Takeover, OhioHealth & JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Columbus CEO mag

Also, check out the infographic below that was shared with us by Norwich University in an article titled A New Era of Corporate Social Responsibility. Well known companies that top the CSR list include Google & Walt Disney, companies our students always enjoy researching!


Hopefully our students and future business leaders/entrepreneurs will take some notes and do BIG things when they are running companies someday!

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