Business Club Holiday Party and NBHS Induction 2018

This December, our very own EntrepreNEERS Business Club hosted a holiday party with our OOHS chapter of National Business Honors Society. Along with a big “Congratulations!” cake, students brought in food like sandwiches, chips, donuts and cookies to celebrate a successful semester and induct our new NBHS members. 

Holiday social 2018 - 3

We happily announced over 30 NBHS members this year (not all pictured/present), almost tripling our membership from our inaugural year in 2017! After the induction, the new inductees were congratulated by all members and took a few group photos to commemorate the memory.

Holiday social 2018 - 2

Group members then spent the remainder of the time talking amongst themselves, eating, having fun and receiving their Business Club EntrepreNEER t-shirts – handmade with love made by EntrepreNEER members themselves! Everyone seemed to enjoy some holiday cheer, a few photos and a full belly. Well done social committee! 

Holiday social 2018 - 4Holiday social 2018 - 1

Guest post by F Bandy, edited by Business Club members

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