World Down Syndrome Day 2019


What Is World Down Syndrome Day?

March, 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. The date is significant because it represents the extra 21st chromosome kids and adults with Down Syndrome have. The day is used to draw awareness to Down Syndrome and celebrate all of the astonishing people who have been diagnosed with it. We promoted awareness of the day throughout Orange HS by getting on the OJ announcements, hanging fliers & posters, passing out stickers, creating shirts, using our social media accounts and more. We also organized two activities to promote the cause… Rock Your Socks day and 3.21 RUN for Down Syndrome.


OOHS Rock Your Socks

Senior Katie V lead the charge on promoting crazy socks day here at Orange. Her brother Murphy has Down Syndrome and she is very passionate about promoting awareness. Katie & Murphy, along with Senior Mia L (our Business Club Service Chair), gave a shout out to World Down Syndrome Day on the school news and informed the OOHS student body about the activities we had planned. Katie also helped prepare a colorful flier we hung around the school. IMG_3183


EntrepreNEERS Apparel Business gets involved… 

The EntrepreNEERS wanted to support the cause, so we made a few sample shirts to use to promote World Down Syndrome Day. In the future, we hope to be able to work with more non-profit and awareness days to make “Shirts for a Cause!” We also passed out stickers from the Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities and encouraged the staff and students to celebrate the fact that we are all #BetterTogether!


The EntrepreNEERS “Racing for 3.21” 

The Olentangy Orange EntrepreNEERS organized a 3.21 mile run mimicking the 250 mile run for Down Syndrome that happens every year from Washington D.C. to New York City. The run/walk brought together the student body and staff to celebrate all the extraordinary kids who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and our OOHS kids in the Special Education Unit. Smiles and laughter could be seen and heard throughout the gym as the students completed laps, encouraging compassion and unity between everybody. Although it was not likely to get in 3.21 miles during that period, we encouraged many to commit to running and/or walking a total of 3.21 miles by the end of the day.


This was our second year organizing and promoting events for Down Syndrome awareness and it was another success! We look forward to celebrating our #NothingDownAboutIt population for years to come and providing events and opportunities to all come together as one!

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