Student-of-the-Month Shirt Design

Orange Apparel Co. was contacted with quite the problem in mid-September, this year! Orange Administrators needed new Student-of-the-Month shirts printed for the rest of the year. All we were given for reference was a single picture of the complete shirt they wanted to replicate. One student, Tony L., who is new to EntrepreNEERS business club this year, volunteered to help! Tony hand-traced specific parts of the design, digitally, and had to find the exact fonts from the original design. Tony spent over five hours total on this logo, and “three hours looking for the right fonts alone.” In order to do this, Tony had to completely learn Adobe Illustrator! For this process, Tony mastered the art of meticulously tracing exact edges and curves to make new shapes. Thanks to Tony for stepping up to this mighty task and killing it! 

Also, thank you to American Family Insurance for partnering with us to support Orange High School and our featured Students of the Month. Team Kashmiry and AmFam have been incredibly gracious to Orange High School. They provided amazing white cotton t-shirts, already pressed, for free! Thanks again American Family Insurance!

Guest Post by Shreya Y.

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