OOHS students successfully running businesses

Guest post by Colin N, Matt W, Baylor W: featuring Nick + Connor

Nick S & Connor S started their business called “S&S Moving Investments,” which buys and sells furniture for local households. They both took Entrepreneurship class and started talking, leading to them both realizing they had the same background, goals, and were looking into the same field of flipping furniture {for the time being}. Both being spontaneous and having the urge to make money… they put those skills to the test, picked up a treadmill and flipped it for $550! Realizing they had something special on their hands, they put more time into this and soon they were making thousands! The process of their partnership is to pick up furniture and household items as inexpensive as possible, going for free to a couple hundred dollars. Researching the value before purchasing a big ticket item is crucial to success. After picking up, they clean it, take pictures, and post it on Facebook, Ebay, and Craigslist. Following the bulk of the process, someone buys the item, they then discuss the “Free Delivery” process of the same day, next day, or special request. 

Before their business they both had prior experience and aspirations for future careers. Nick started selling on Facebook a couple of years beforehand, selling household items. He continued this, averaging a few hundred bucks a month just by working on his phone and setting items on the porch. He then started a car detailing business. Nick’s goals are to get into real estate right out of high school. Connor knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he was younger, looking up to his father. Once Connor got older he started going to go help his dad on his rental properties or fixer-uppers. He understands the work it takes to get to the top and truly has the drive for it. Connor is wanting to follow his father’s footsteps, and also focus on real estate investing, including rentals.

“We both wanted to have freedom with our money, to get whatever we want and not have the additional financial stress when it comes to family. We want our own hours and to be our own boss. Freedom with our time to do whatever we want whenever we want is huge to us. There is also no cap on our success. We chose the business we have now because it’s such a profitable and scalable business. Knowing we have so much time now is such an asset to what makes us different compared to others. The huge profit margins when getting free couches really adds to us growing so much faster, our age can be an asset to our business model and us being in social media all the time.” – Nick & Connor

S&S is a great business and the business model is very sufficient. Nick and Connor both have the drive to go far and interviewing them was a great pleasure. The customer service and free delivery is a strong selling point for them. S&S is looking to scale in the near future… look for this business in the future, it’s going far!

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