Interview with a local entrepreneur

Interview with Juana of J’s Sweet Treats & Wedding Cakes {by OOHS business student, To Khanh}

Juana M. Williams first started baking with her mom for as long as she could remember, but then a couple years back her family and friends asked her to bake a cake for a birthday party. With the power of social media and grabbing the attention of television and fine print, people saw her work and how good it looked! After a while, she came up with a pop-up shop and it was a huge success with great reviews. Her mission statement is, “Making magical memories through edible art,” by creating sweets that people will enjoy.

With this hobby that she loved, Juana quit her corporate job and started her business, J’s Sweet Treats, with her family. Currently she has two locations opened, one in Parsons Avenue (which her oldest daughter runs) and the other in Polaris mall (which she and her youngest daughter run). 

J’s is doing very well and Juana loves it most days, and also loves working with her family. They have always been there to support her. When coming to see the bakery, you will catch her daughter up front working on cakes and her and her other workers baking and running the store. Her son who’s always a phone call away to help bouncing ideas back and forth, and her husband and brothers who help the magic happen with all the fixing and crustruction part of the business. 

During this experience I learned that doing what you love is better than anything else. Also you never know what life will turn out to be… why not make it memorable by doing what you love and making it into a living! 

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