Cbus Entrepreneurs & Business Experts “Pouring Into” our OOHS students!

Our new Entrepreneurship class has brought in a lot of guest presenters so far this semester and we are so fortunate to have a caring community that wants to share their knowledge, experience and stories with our students. We are so thankful for their time and willingness to “pour into” our budding entrepreneurs!

A recent favorite was Joe DeLoss, founder of Hot Chicken Takeover. He shared his journey of social entrepreneurship, his successes and failures along the way. The students were extremely captivated and we are very thankful he took time out of his extremely busy schedule to come chat with us!

Other business experts this year have included both local founders/entrepreneurs such as Amy L Ahmer and Lori Mercer and business experts from local (and global!) companies such as Chick Fil A and Earnst & Young.

Click HERE to see a snapshot of some of our guest presenters we’ve already had in class or have lined up to visit this year. And feel free to contact us if you {or someone you know} has a passion for working with our future business leaders & entrepreneurs (or EntrepreNEERS as we call them!)

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