Catching Up With An Alumni OOHS DECA Member

Guest post by Sierra T, OOHS Junior Marketing student + DECA member

Former Marketing student and DECA member, Milana Yarbrough, graduated from OOHS in 2018. “Milana was an excellent business student!” claims our chapter advisor, Mrs Gellenbeck. “Milana took an active role in our EntrepreNEERS Business Club’s social media presence and also represented our National Business Honor Society as Vice President. We miss her dearly!”

Milana then furthered her education at Miami University and graduated in the spring of 2022. We interviewed her to get some inspiration for our current chapter members.

Q: What are you doing now?

A: I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a Co- Major in Entrepreneurship and am currently a Product Marketing Strategist at IBM in NYC!

Q: How do you currently use the skills you learned in DECA?

A: I use the skills I learned in DECA every day! DECA was a massive catalyst in learning how to truly collaborate in a team setting and problem solve, which is a skill needed to thrive in any work environment!

Q: Do you have any tips for current DECA members?

A: For current DECA members, my tips would be to firstly, ask questions! One of the best ways to learn is to be curious and open to receiving new information. Another tip would be to take risks, if you have a new, fun, and innovative idea, go for it and make it happen. The world is your oyster! 

Q: What was your favorite part of DECA?

A: My favorite part of DECA was learning the skills needed to pitch a business through both educational resources, but also through real-world application with the competitive events!

Milana “then” as an OOHS student and DECA chapter member, along with Mrs Gellenbeck…

Milana now as a business woman in NYC

Thank you Milana for sharing your time and talents with our DECA members & business students!

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