“Dressing for Success” // Guest Speaker, Men’s Warehouse

Samuel Buchanan-Berrigan, District Formalwear Manager of Men’s Warehouse, visited to teach us “How to Dress for Success.”  As students in various business classes are learning about human resources, employability skills and job-hunting, he had some great points to offer!


Five Points for Success 

  • Prepare for your interview // If you don’t do your homework, it doesn’t matter how good you look – brush up on the company, learn about the company history, corporate culture, have some follow up questions. Sam provided a “Commonly Asked Questions” handout for students to review. 
  • Write your resume // If you don’t have work experience, focus on transferable skills like teamwork, leadership, volunteer work, and customer service. Be truthful, keep it relevant & up to date. Students in Business Foundations and Communications classes will create (or update) their resume as part of their coursework. 
  • Keep your social media in check // Many companies will research your social media. Are you well rounded, do you fit company culture, are there any reasons not to hire you? Work it to your advantage & showcase your “brand” – who are you? Be sure to use a professional photo or one with a simple background for your profile picture. Use platforms such as LinkedIn to network – who you know is important! Students in a variety of OOHS business courses help maintain our social media accounts including Twitter @entrepreNEERS and Instagram @OlentangyEntrepreNEERS. 
  • Make a positive first impression // Arrive on time, turn off your phone, make positive connections with all involved, make good eye contact, offer a firm handshake… those were just a few tips Sam shared. He went into detail on how to dress the part – whether it be a professional job, an entry level job… or just Prom! For “professional” attire, consider investing in a business suit. Often guys can wear a shirt & tie with or without a sport coat. For “business casual” we discussed appropriate attire for girls (dress or dress pants and blouse or sweater) and guys (dress or khaki pants, button up shirt, collared shirt or sweater). Thanks for helping show us what looks good! 
  • Follow up // During the interview, ask for a business card & send a follow up thank you. This can differentiate you from other candidates!  

We had students try on some of our DECA blazers at the conclusion of Sam’s presentation – some fit better than others.  Thanks to Jimmy for being an excellent DECA representative and model!


Thanks to Sam & Men’s Warehouse for getting involved with our future business leaders.  We value your time, input… and of course, your fashion sense!

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