Succeeding as an Entrepreneur // Guest post

Guest post by student, Nate R. // International Business class, Fall 2017

Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes hard work, dedication and persistence because, unfortunately, nothing is handed to you in life. You have to work hard & earn everything for your business to succeed. Passion, perseverance and a positive attitude tend to set the successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest.

Keys Factors to Becoming Successful

  • passion and loving what you do
  • taking baby steps
  • learning from others
  • learning how to self promote yourself and/or your company
  • constantly taking action
  • making a plan to succeed
  • building a reputation for yourself


There are some benefits in being an entrepreneur, as well as some potential hardships. 


  • flexibility – you may get to choose your hours and schedule 
  • income potential – you make all the money you earn. 

Potential Risks/Challenges

  • possibly have to work long hard hours
  • may sacrifice time with family and friends to make sure your company succeeds
  • unlimited financial loss

All and all being an entrepreneur has both some benefits and deficits but it is definitely an experience you will never forget. If you have an idea then go for it and never give up if there is a will there’s always a way.

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